Form and function: design the perfect Bathroom

Updated: Nov 25, 2019

Bathroom design allows us to soften an often cold room and turn it into a private space that offers peace and calm that we can call our sanctuary. Whilst functionality and practicality remain important its main form and feel is what excites us most. Getting a perfect layout requires expertise and we can help you create a space that reflects your personality.

Starting with the tiles we often use large slabs and look at using these as a good base whilst striving to add texture and detail in the accessories and the vanity units. Tiles can add texture and detail as well and offer a variety of patterns that come helpful if we are looking to add a touch of art deco.

Custom vanity units play an integral part in creating a designer feel and framing the bathroom. This in itself allows us to appreciate the room and focus on the small details like the Accessories, Bathroom Brassware and lights. Whether you go for a freestanding bath or built in, gunmetal brassware or bespoke brass finishes can truly revitalize this space.

Finalizing with complimentary accessories, storage and mirror solutions your bathroom can become the luxurious space that you can escape to.

Take advantage of our expertise and create the Designer Bathroom of your dreams.

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